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Meursault – The Organ Grinder’s Monkey Album Launch Shows

The Organ Grinder’s Trailer from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

As you know, we are now into the third week of our new Meursault album project, and that means LAUNCH DATES! Yep, the album was learned, rehearsed and recorded in week one, mixed and mastered in week two, and this week is all about manufacture.

We’ve printed the white component of the album artwork and Neil is busy at this very moment colouring in the wee monkey’s fez with a felt tip, ready for the black layer to be printed tonight. CDs arrive on Wednesday, inserts on Thursday, and that means that on Friday – exactly 21 days after we started work – we will be launching The Organ Grinder’s Monkey into the world.

There are four album release shows, of varying characters, and now that all our Kickstarter supporters have chosen the shows they want to go to we can release the last allocation of tickets to everyone else, so even if you missed the Kickstarter deadline you can still come along and celebrate the launch, hear the songs and get a copy of the album.

Friday 21st FebruaryThe Haven Café, Newhaven.
Sunday 23rdMichael Neave’s Kitchen and Whisky Bar, 21 Old Fishmarket Close.
Monday 24th –¬†Michael Neave’s Kitchen and Whisky Bar.
Saturday 1st MarchPenicuik Town Hall, Penicuik.

All tickets available from this link. And don’t worry about the one in Penicuik, the 37 and 47 run to and from the centre of Edinburgh all day and night, so you’ll have no trouble at all getting out and back. Hope to see you there. I will need a pint, because this has been a fucking intense couple of weeks!




9 witty ripostes to Meursault – The Organ Grinder’s Monkey Album Launch Shows

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    So very pretty….

    I assume guests at the Michael Neave events will be treated to free whisky and fine food?

    We will?

    That’s very kind, Matthew, thanks.

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    Cough cough.

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    i are scientist

    Are any/all of these 18+?

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    This is great timing chaps, as the weather up north is officially pish with wind I’m heading down to the gig.

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    I’m really excited about this and look forward to the gig on Monday! Assuming, of course, that I got a ticket for that. Matthew, did you contact people to confirm their choice of gig they wanted to go to, or can we assume that our first choice was possible if we haven’t heard from you? And will I get in through some sort of kickstarter-guestlist or is there anything else I need to take into account?

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    Scientist – nope, all should be fine for you and the wee one.

    Cogstar – excellent, which one?

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    Tomorrow night Matthew , I’m up in th Cairgorms climbing but the forecast is awful for tomorrow so perfect timing with the gig….for a change!

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    Did you buy tickets? I can probably squeeze you in, but I don’t want to start shouting about that in case everyone wants in.

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    Thank you …I picked up a couple of tickets on my mobile. Not bad for an old chap

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