Los Angeles Police Department

lapd A lot of the bedroom pop acts knocking about these days deliberately overplay the lo-fi nature of their recording, or sometimes the hesitance of the performance. Sometimes this is endearing, sometimes glisteningly fragile, and sometimes contrived and annoying.

I have to confess I don’t know if Los Angeles Police Department strictly counts as ‘bedroom’ pop but it certainly sounds like it. It embraces the buzz and hum of that stuff, and the vocals are fragile and just a little bit otherworldly. Far from playing up a lack of confidence, however, this music feels solid and even during it’s airier, borderline twee moments you never get the impression that there is any attempt to avoid your gaze.

Quite the opposite, in fact. For music which does flirt with Glasgow-style twee pop, this stuff nevertheless has the feel of something certain and confident. Maybe it’s the way the voice drifts and dances, but never actually falters. And maybe the fact that the guitars buzz, but never too much. It embraces a lot of the classic bedroom pop aesthetic touchstones, but never overplays any of them, or feels like it is allowing itself to be led by aspirations to a certain style.

Waste, above, is their new single, following on from Enough is Enough and The Only One, both of which I featured on Toadcasts towards the end of last year. The band have been embraced by Gold Flake Paint as well, who recently relocated to Edinburgh and will hopefully add a little much-needed  impetus to the local music scene. For starters they’ve started a digital singles club, which will feature Toad favourites The Yawns, as well as these folks later in the year.

It’s hard to tell where Los Angeles Police Department are going, of course, with only three songs to go on. The Only One definitely leans more in the direction of twee, which I quite like but am not entirely convinced by, but the more hazy, guitary sound of the two more recent songs hints at something a little darker and nastier.  Needless to say, it is the latter direction which I think would be most likely to please me but as we are slowly seeing, being my cup of tea often increases in inverse proportion to commercial success so maybe paying any attention to my preferences ain’t necessarily the wisest thing.