New Album from Virgin of the Birds on Song, by Toad Records

Every Revelry is the first single from the forthcoming debut album by Virgin of the Birds, called Winter Seeds. It’s out in a couple of weeks on vinyl and you can pre-order one here. You can download the mp3 from the Soundcloud player at the bottom of the page.

This is a perfect example of the kind of laid-back, literate guitar pop in which the band specialise. I was actually drawn in by the lyrics initially, only to realise a little later that I could hum every single tune as well.

When Jon Rooney started Virgin of the Birds he had just moved to a new city and didn’t really want to throw himself back into the dive bar circuit of relentless, thankless gigging.

So he set about doing things a little differently, by recording a series of EPs himself, which he released for free on Bandcamp between 2009 and 2012. Whether this proved a more effective strategy in the long run… well, who cares really, because this is how he came to our notice here at Song, by Toad.

Ilona, You Should Still be My Vampire Attendant was on the first of those EPs and named in my Festive Fifty for 2009, and every EP earned a glowing review on the blog. Jon even happened to visit Edinburgh that Winter and ended up playing the first of our now-traditional New Year’s House Gigs.

At the time I thought those EPs were too good simply to be given away for free on the internet, and late last year I decided to do something about that: compiling my favourite songs from the EP onto one of the five 12” vinyl we released as part of ourFive Years/Five Records anniversary box set.

Jon will be over in the UK in May to tour in support of the album.