Andrew R. Burns

In keeping with the 2014 rule that everything musically good in Scotland seems to be coming from Livingstone at the moment (yes, I know, don’t ask), here is some excellent new stuff from Andrew R. Burns.

I would normally have said “like alansmithee before him, he seems to be very much enamoured with Mac DeMarco” but actually alansmithee’s last release seems to move out of that territory a little, so maybe it’s not the best way to start this after all. Mr. Burns, on the other hand, very much seems like he draws heavily on DeMarco, but that’s no bad thing.

As I have just discovered with alansmithee, of course, it’s a little risky to try and draw out people’s influences too definitely when they only have a few songs available to inform your guesses, so let’s go with a quick description of the music instead: gorgeously wobbly guitars, laid back pop songs and the sort of vocal delivery you imagine being delivered by a skinny fellow in a suit and shirt with an open collar, looking a little dishevelled after a few too many nights in the depths of a casino, and who consequently has no real idea what time of day it is outside anymore.

Andrew himself described the songs as “essentially sloppy guitar based dream-pop” when he got in touch, and that’s true enough, but it’s nice, and there aren’t too many people doing this kind of thing well around here at the moment. I look forward to hearing more.