Adam Stafford SAY Award Nomination and News

SAYaward Congratulations are due to Mr. Adam Stafford whose album Imaginary Walls Collapse (which you can buy from Song, by Toad Records here) has been nominated for the Scottish Album of the Year Award.

I’m genuinely delighted for Adam, and to celebrate he is coming into our new studio (and by studio I mean empty warehouse) to do some recording in a couple of weeks. I am not sure what the new material will be – a new EP, quite possibly – but I am very much looking forward to seeing what he does with the space. It’s echoey as fuck at the moment, but we’ll be looking into sorting that over the next little while, so it should be more or less up and running fairly soon with a bit of luck.

Also, Adam is playing the SHHH! Festival in London on the 24th of May, along with Bastard Mountain and a few others, so if you are one of those Southern types and you wish to see his convulse his way to pop Nirvana then that is the time to do it. For Scottish types, keep your eye on the Pale Imitation Festival this August, as he’ll be headlining one of our nights there too.

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