New Deathcats Video: Danny Dyer

Is it fair to call this my favourite tune on the new Deathcats album? I think so – it’s certainly there or thereabouts anyway.

With tunes like this, I Wish it Was Summer and TROLL TROLL you wouldn’t call Deathcats the most cerebral band out there at the moment, but they can probably out-fun most stuff coming out of Scotland at the moment. But they aren’t just a superficial good-time band of course, and their last EP, The Raddest (buy here), gave a pretty good idea of the band’s breadth, inhabiting a territory which spanned catchy-as-fuck surf rock through to nasty psychedelic instrumentals.

I’ve not listened to it extensively yet, but the new album sounds like it’s taken a turn for the nasty, after that early stuff. There’s a lot more of the aforementioned psychedelic instrumental meandering, for example, all with a nice, nasty rumble throughout, and the rock songs are sounding really fucking horrible – in a good way of course. But I’ll have more to say about that once I’ve had the chance to have a really good listen.

In the meantime, however, here’s a listen to their fantastic new single Danny Dyer and if you like it, which you should, then you can pre-order the album here, which you should.