SAY Award – Vote for Adam Stafford!


Vote here. Yes, NOW – voting closes today! 

After last year’s near miss for Meursault, we have another release in the running for the Scottish Album of the Year Award this year: Adam Stafford’s glorious Imaginary Walls Collapse.

You can help vote it onto the shortlist by going here and ignoring all the other entirely wrong choices and voting ONLY FOR ADAM. Only Adam, got that? We only sanction the enjoyment of one kind of music here at Song, by Toad and that is OUR music. But you knew that by now, right?

Although that Rick Redbeard chap is awfully good too.

I don’t have a free download to offer you as an incentive, unfortunately, but ummm… well, you could always download the new Brown Brogues Toad Session, for example, or have a listen to the Eef Barzelay one, which is just going up now. And here’s a song from Adam’s session which we recorded last year:

Adam Stafford – Cold Seas (Toad Session) from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

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