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Toadcast #300 – The Brazilcast

World Cup England and Italy Wow, our 300th podcast! But honestly, I celebrated the 200th and the 250th I think, so celebrating again, a mere fifty podcasts later, seems a bit hollow. So Yay Me! for sticking at it, and Yay You! for continuing to listen to this pish, but I guess I should really keep quiet now until number 500.

Also, OH WOW TEH WURLD CUPZ! Except for the fact that England are effectively out, by this stage, and so I suppose I should just appreciate the fact that now I get to pull for whoever plays the best football. So far I guess that might be Germany, Holland and Chile – at least they’re the only teams who have really convinced so far, in my opinion.

And finally, Woo Hoo, the first free-play podcast in ages. The last few have been strongly themed, so this is the first time in a while that I’ve been free to just sit down at the computer and pick whatever the fuck I want to play, which is fun. Enjoy!

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01. The Victorian English Gentleman’s Club – Ban the Gin (00.56)
02. Siobhan Wilson – Dear God (06.02)
03. David Thomas Broughton – Yorkshire Fog (14.39)
04. BRAAINZZ – Ode 2 Lil B (feat. Slide Show) (22.06)
05. Grace Joyner – Young Thing (23.33)
06. Jeff Finlin – Language of Love (30.57)
07. Broken Records – So Long, So Late (42.04)
08. PAWS – Erreur Humaine (45.40)
09. Wozniak – El Maresme (53.24)
10. Myriam Gendron – Threnody (1.02.13)

6 witty ripostes to Toadcast #300 – The Brazilcast

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    Just be cheering for the USA on Sunday. Of course, we’ve won our world cup just be beating Ghana.

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    I have similar love for Jeff Finlan’s “Sugar Blue”… and the rest of the Elizabethtown soundtrack…

  3. avatar

    Also, I need that Myriam Gendron album like last week.

  4. avatar

    Oh is that where Sugar Blue is from? I never realised – mind you I don’t know if I’ve ever watched that film, now that I think about it.

    And yes, Myriam Gendron is fucking gorgeous.

  5. avatar

    To be fair, Matthew, I doubt the film is really relevant to your interests…

    It’s a great sobalong cure for PMT though.

  6. avatar

    I will bear that in mind next time I, er… wait, never mind.

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