Das Hobos – This is the Place

Considering I was raised in a German-speaking country, my relationship with music from Germany and Austria is actually pretty thin, although there are some interesting labels in Vienna these days for sure. Given the enthusiasm Germans seem to have for our releases on Song, by Toad Records I would have thought I would have found more stuff coming from that country that I really liked, but maybe I’ve just been lazy about digging it out.

I don’t tend to just copy and paste press releases, but it seems these guys are a bit less flowery and wheedling than their UK counterparts when it comes to writing this stuff, and this is pretty to the point:

“In Gute Hände (translated “in good hands”) is a young German vinyl and cassette label from Augsburg near Munich. We are trying to support regional and talented artists with their music. The idea is to provide a different feeling of music, music you can hold in your hands, with great and unique coverartworks.

“Since last friday 166 limited and unique vinyl are available at In Gute Hände. On September 5th Das Hobos released their new LP this is the place. Each cover is created by the artist James „Sus“ Sutherland during an exceptional event of painting and music performance.”

Watching the video above you can see how nicely they’ve executed this idea. The individually painted covers look amazing, and the music itself is really really good as well. It’s a sort of experimental pop, with a kind of rhythmically woozy ambient flavour to it – the kind of stuff which the chillout era of the early noughties was desperately crying out for – music that is laid back and relaxing, but still interesting and engaging.

You can buy a copy here, and they aren’t cheap, but you’re talking about an individual piece of hand-made artwork, which is a beautiful approach to releasing records. It’s something we’re looking at as well, as making short runs of really nice things appeals to me a lot more than what is effectively a bare-bones imitation of major label PR processes, which it’s all to easy to get sucked into.

Anyhow, this is a really good album. It is experimental, but not in an abrasive way, and ambient but not in a dull way, and I really recommend it. And have a look at other stuff the label is involved with too, as I’ve just had a listen to some stuff and it really is an eclectic collection of music.

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