Passion Pusher – Couch King EP


When I first came across Passion Pusher it was through another one of those infamous emails where little information is exchanged beyond ‘hey, listen to my music’. In terms of PR advice that would be considered a disaster of course, but for some reason I quite like those emails and I’ve found some of my favourite bands by following this kind of rather unpromising suggestion.

Back then there was some great stuff on James’ Bandcamp page, and I was really intrigued, but I have to confess that the subsequent and ongoing avalanche of new material was so completely overwhelming that I rather lost track of what the fuck was going on.

Earlier this year, however, I was sent four songs with infinitely better sound and focus than anything I’d really heard before, and thus this EP was born: Passion Pusher’s first formal release and our first cassette release. There are launch nights on Sunday at the Flying Duck in Glasgow, and this Saturday at VoxBox in Edinburgh (this is a daytime show), so please come along and pick up a copy. I’d like to do more tape releases actually, so hopefully this one will go relatively well.

Passion Pusher has also agreed to be on our next Split 12″ along with Now Wakes the Sea, Sean Armstrong and Andrew R Burns, set to be recorded just as soon as we get our warehouse properly sound-proofed.

And in the meantime, why not have a listen to Couch King below and buy a copy here.