Trips and Falls – Your Consequences Are Bullshit

Trips and Falls are fucking ace. We released their third album last year, The Inevitable Consequences of Your Stupid Behavior, and they have just completed this remix project with their friend Justin Hamilton, and it’s bloody brilliant.

It’s basically a single, seventeen-minute song consisting of chopped up and remixed songs from the album, and it’s ace. The woozy weirdness mixed with pop sensibilities which drew me to the band in the first place is pushed right over to the weird side of the spectrum here, and it works fantastically well.

For a band who had a (brilliant) song on their first album – You Should Really Get Yours – which pretty much sounds like it’s being played backwards, their latest album was actually relatively sensible by comparison, but without changing the feel of the songs themselves too much they’ve managed to really tease out the idiosyncratic core, and produce a really compelling work of psychedelic* weirdness. Great stuff.

The band have these thank-yous, so I thought I should pass them on too:

First we would like to thank Justin Hamilton for his work on these remixes, without which this project would have never happened. Also, Mr. Jeremy Schruder who masterfully took all of the pics associated with this project. Thanks Jer! Mr. Orson Presence for his recording, his extra help, his patience, and his skill.

Lastly, Jacob would like to specially thank Natasha Desmarais and Alec Dippie who put up with his ridiculous ideas, and without whom, none of the rest of these productions would be even possible in the first place. Thanks!

*Yes, I know, everything’s fucking psychedelic these days. Even I’m at it now. I hang my head in shame.