David Thomas Broughton & Juice Vocal Ensemble – Unshaven Boozer

From the first few moments this does actually sound like a sort of ironic Christmas single, I suppose. It’s deceptive. The light-hearted delivery of the chorus, along with the relatively flippant-sounding words… and then that turns out to be a complete red herring.

It’s actually a rather heart-breaking lament about feeling on the scrap-heap in a world which no longer entirely works in the way it used to, but that chorus is still so completely infectious you find yourself humming it anyway.

Well balls, it’s about time we had a Christmas single. Even if it’s of rather questionable suitability.

Unshaven Boozer is The second single from David Thomas Broughton and Juice’s glorious album Sliding the Same Way, released in September on Song, by Toad Records. Have a look at how gorgeous the CDs are here.

“ I have heard nothing, nothing, nothing like Sliding the Same Way.” – “the loveliest voice on record this year.” Gold Flake Paint
nothing short of genius” – “a measured missile, straight to the heart” Is This Music
“…it’s as if the songs have been written, then broken into their component parts to lie, glittering, across the
running time.” Alan Morrison, The Herald
“Startling and beautifully unsettling” “A beautiful and profoundly affecting record.” Americana UK
“an unorthodox beauty.” The Skinny
“…an absolute belter, packed full of the sort of belligerent eccentricity we all need” – “…the sort of thing Ivor Cutler or John Cale would have made around 1972” Incendiary Mag
“a peaceful masterpiece” Shout4music
“the most idiosyncratic and memorable record you’ll hear this year.” Sounds XP
“Broughton’s skill as a lyricist shines” – “the richness of life and death in a way … both sincere and ridicu- lous, and therefore honest.” Soundblab

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