David Thomas Broughton – Wintertime Songs 2014

dtb There aren’t many people I would trust to make a Christmas song, or indeed even a recording of an existing one. Generally it just seems wrong, but this three-song Bandcamp release by David Thomas Broughton is absolutely fucking great.

Generally I find over cynical Christmas songs to be just plain unsuitable, but I mostly like morose music, so bands I love suddenly sounding saccharine and sentimental doesn’t really chime with me either. I find most existing Christmas songs absolutely fucking awful, so basically my idea of Christmas music tends to simply just be music which suits darkness, cold, and sitting indoors with some wine or a G&T.

So why do I love this? I don’t know. I suppose The Holy and the Ivy in particular is a nice tune, which obviously helps. And also David seems to have done enough to make it his own without ever trying to be overly clever or outrageous. It’s just a weird version of a lovely tune I suppose, and David has always excelled at finding that balance between absolutely gorgeous and just plain fucking odd, so although I can’t for the life of me imagine being able to get this past my parents, it’s still just about my favourite ever Christmas song.

And the proceeds all go to charity as well, should you choose to pay to download the three tracks. Which you should.