So This is Supermoon

Since the demise of Meursault I’ve had a lot of people ask me what Supermoon, Neil Pennycook’s new project, is going to be like. A sort of continuation of Meursault? Something entirely new? ¬†Given how distinctive his voice is, can it ever really sound hugely different, especially as Meursault had so much range in the first place? ¬†And the answer is that I honestly just don’t know.

Looking at a recent interview Neil did with Wow247 I don’t necessarily know if Neil himself has that much idea really, although I think it has been slowly crystallising in recent weeks.

If you want to find out then the best way will be to keep an eye on the Supermoon Soundcloud page, because Neil is embarking on his first official Supermoon project. Called A Month of Black Fridays, he’ll be posting a new song there every Friday this month – all really minimal home recordings – and then working these songs up with a couple of others into a what is going to be Supermoon’s first formal(ish) release.

That will be a relatively lo-fi and sketch-like album of songs, working towards something more polished and formal later in 2015. These were the plans last time Neil and I had a whisky, at least. Who knows, they could easily still change in future.

Keep an eye on that Soundcloud in the meantime though…

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