New Lady Lazarus Album on the Way

Wahay, some new Lady Lazarus material for you. And it’s kinda different too.

After two albums which made gorgeous use of the interplay between her beautiful singing voice and some really tense, uncomfortable arrangements, this new record is going to be much more centred around her vocals alone. Listening to the song above you can certainly hear that. It’s much more conventionally pretty than previous stuff, but Melissa Ann Sweat’s voice is just so bloody nice I think I could listen to her sing a takeaway menu and still enjoy it.

One of the best things about her, I think, is that she absolutely never over-sings. I’ve complained about Angel Olsen doing this before, and it generally annoys the shit out of me. When you have a wonderful voice, it speaks for itself, there is absolutely no need to perform needless gymnastics, and that is one of the great strengths of the vocals in Lady Lazarus material: clean, clear, understated and lovely.

The piano also features really strongly, so there is a familiar sense of minimalism to the music, although obviously a rather more organic sound.  I will write more about the album closer to the time, but I suppose at this point I might just make a quick comparison to, say, maybe Laura Viers to help give something of an impression of what to look forward to.