Numbers Are Futile Sign to Song, by Toad Records

Sunlight on Black Horizon

Well anyone who has heard our new sampler for this year, Song, by Toad’s Magic Beanz, or has listened to a recent podcast or has erm, met me down the pub, knew this already, but Edinburgh’s fantastic Numbers Are Futile are going to be releasing their debut album on Song, by Toad Records this year.

For a self-appointed ‘music writer’ I am never that sure how to describe the music that we release, but ‘thumping, percussive electronica’ is probably not too far from the mark. You never know, though, they might kill me for that.

The album is coming out in May on vinyl only, and will include hand-numbered posters currently being made by the band themselves. Then we’ve got to get the fuckers out touring, so if you know someone we should get in touch with near you then just let me know and I will see what I can do.