Strange Lords


This is fucking brilliant. I was sent it in July last year, and it only appear on the site now, six months later, but so the fuck what. I’m just glad I didn’t miss it altogether.

Waylon Thornton you might remember from his solo work, as well as stuff with Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands. He does a lot of stuff, as a look at that Bandcamp page will show you, so I don’t always love all of it and in fact I don’t always get to hear all of it, but since the very first time I wrote about his work I realised very quickly that if he emails me about a new release I should pay attention because mostly they are absolutely fucking excellent.

This is a collaboration with Andrew Seward, and it’s pretty basic: Waylon plays guitar, Andrew drums, and pretty much every second of this recording is bloody great. It’s just loose, fierce psyche-rock, and it’s entirely instrumental, and that’s it. Case closed, fucking awesome, thanks very much.

The music sounds nasty as fuck too, but actually it’s not all that nasty a collection of sounds. Thornton’s guitar used to sound absolutely fucking filthy on his early stuff, but this is pretty clean, it’s just what he’s playing that makes it nasty.

Maybe because it’s instrumental and that’s all there is to focus on there is none of the just plain chugging along that this kind of music can be a little prone too. No singing, no chorus, so it all has to come from the two instruments, and believe me it very much does.

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