Rave With Satan – Jesus Fucked Me Raw

Screenshot 2015-02-05 01.48.29 By the time you read the title of this you already know this is going to be one of those posts, don’t you. Jesus did what? How mean of him.

I have really no idea if I think this is actually good, or if it’s just fascinating. I remember reading the introductory email, and wondering what the fuck I was in for.

That email went like this:

“My dad was a notable boxer and drug dealer who overdosed (revealed to me Thanksgiving 2013 by a family friend not family) when I was two years old. With no real father figure to guide me, I was forced to try to fit in with everyone.

“White people referred to me as a spic, weirdo and made fun of my last name in Catholic School / middle class Philadelphia.

“Film School overlooked me and called me cliché.

“Blacks and Hispanics called me white and uncool when I entered the music scene (as a filmmaker) after graduating Temple University.

“My mother told me to stop acting like something I’m not when I finally gained self confidence.

“Companies won’t hire me because my three years of paying dues aren’t enough.

“Philadelphia refuses to spotlight up and coming artists that don’t follow trends.

“Publications put me in a box, as a writer, for trying to reveal the Philly talent that matters.

“Women stare at me only to awkwardly ignore my conversation.

“This all helped me develop this original, frustrated and spontaneous voice.”

See what I mean? That could basically be the precursor to pretty much anything. In the end the album turned out to be a series of disjointed rambles (Rant#1 – #4), acting as interludes between songs which only barely justify being placed in such a category.

Songs on this album are tinny artificial beats overlaid with vocals which sound like snippets from the interspersed monologues which are spinning away into the ether as you pass out from too much alcohol.

Weird phrases dance around – you can almost see them written in massive, comic sans captions distorting away from legibility as you try and focus on them. They aren’t songs, per se, but there is music involved, and this still feels like an album, even if I have no idea what the fuck is going on here.

Despite all this I am pretty sure this is good, in a way. I am not sure what way, and I doubt I have described it in a way which makes any sense at all, but weird as this is and as hostile and awkward as it is, there’s just something here that I am drawn to, fascinated by, and find myself compelled to listen to.

But you could still turn around tomorrow after I publish this and tell me that I’ve been pranked and I wouldn’t be overly surprised. Listen to it though – there’s definitely something here.