The Shoegaze Revival

As a label releasing two things this year which you could certainly describe as at least somewhat shoegazey, it’s pretty fair to say that it is a sound I am rather keen on.

I mentioned in a blog post early in the Song, by Toad era* that the shoegaze revival-and-disinterest cycle seems to move just a little faster from the standard ten years=shit, twenty years=AMAZING one which seems to describe pop music.

There seem to be these little mini-revivals all the time, but I guess it’s just a style which has infiltrated music so widely that things like the current psyche-rock revival and its preceding lo-fi revival all contain elements of shoegaze.

There’s basically something primally compelling to people like me, people who don’t like to dance and who have just a little bit of aggression still untamed by socialisation, about that hypnotic repetitiveness and growly distortion. I love it, I really fucking do.

Anyhow, one of Edinburgh’s best current exponents of this particular style would be Wozniak, and they find themselves on a compilation┬áput together by a Welsh and an Indonesian label of the best of new shoegaze as they see it – buy one here.

The bands are worldwide, and apart from Wozniak I can recommend Ummagma, a Canadian/Ukrainian band who got in touch with me ages ago who I didn’t write about at the time, but whose music I liked.

It’s worth exploring this release. There are plenty of hidden gems here if you’re into this sort of thing – like I am.

*Seriously, look it up, it’s in the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

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