Kill West

killwest My inbox has been a pretty barren place of late, tip-wise. I suppose there’s just so much in there that even the gems can end up seeming very isolated, so I feel like I am returning to the days of just being a plain old music fan a bit at the moment, and just getting my tips from social media like everyone else.

This was posted on Facebook by James, who is currently booking for Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’s in Glasgow. We have a very good mutual friend actually, although I don’t think we’ve met in person, but his Facebook feed is a goldmine of interesting music. Including this: Kill West from Buenos Aires.

This came up this morning, and it’s ace. It reminds me a bit of Lil Daggers actually, whose album we released a few years ago, in that it’s garage rock, but it’s also swampy and dark and menacing in a similar way. I suppose you could almost describe it as proggy in a sense – in that it has big long instrumental passages, full of thrum and rhythm, although there’s nothing all that proggy about the feel of the music itself.

It’s not overly heavy on distortion or lo-fi aesthetics either – apart from the treatment of the vocals – but there is a wonderful growl about the guitars. In fact, as much as anything, these guys just seem to love playing guitar, it’s that simple.  They just seem to revel in the parts of the song which are just them all getting their heads down and playing. Awesome.