Label Markets Are Odd


I really like the Indepedent Label Markets I travel around to on a regular basis, but they are strange things to go to, I have to confess.

Meeting devoted fans of our releases in places like London and Inverness who can go through the whole display and point out no more than maybe one or two things they don’t already own is wonderful, but strange. I don’t really expect anyone but my good self to have that level of blind conviction that everything we release is fucking ace, but there definitely are a few people out there like that and it’s nice, if surprising, to meet them.

The other really nice thing is that with everything laid out in front of them, people tend to spend far more time on older releases than then normally seem to, and I get asked all sorts of questions about back catalogue stuff which no-one seems to take that much of an interest in most of the time.

The other thing which reinforced that sort of weird time machine effect was that on Sunday I went to see Jane Weaver at the Lexington and my friend who was promoting the gig suggested I just fire on my label playlist on shuffle, rather than be arsed putting together one himself at the last minute. So a packed venue had the rather dubious pleasure of being serenaded by our somewhat, er, broad variety of releases for the course of the evening.

Someone spotted Rob St. John’s rather distinctive voice but other than that I don’t think that anyone really noticed or gave much of a shit about what they were hearing, but that doesn’t matter. I cared. It was odd. And kind of fun. It’s easy to move past your own history in this business because the immediate future always needs such very urgent attention, but it was a nice moment to have it all mixed up together, the old stuff and the new stuff, and reflect that yes, the world was very much Wrong About Music back then too.

So, two songs, one from Surrender to Summer by The Japanese War Effort and one from He Was Such a Quiet Boy by Trips and Falls. Both absolutely massive smash hits the world never knew it missed.

The Japanese War Effort – Summer Sun Skateboard from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

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