Split 12″ v5 Toad Flake Paint Records Progress


Well we’re halfway through the recording of the Toad Flake Paint Split 12″ now and so I thought a wee update was in order.

The whole recording process has been very, very different to our usual, hugely casual way of doing things. Because we’re using the National Opera Centre’s recording studio after hours we can’t really do the whole massive meal/get them totally shit-faced thing which tends to happen when we record at home.

In a way that seems pretty trivial, but it actually has quite a big impact on the actual recording.

Firstly, coming round to someone’s house and being fed and playing with the cats and all the usual silly stuff tends to really relax the bands. Relaxed bands tend to produce the best performances, which in turn make for the best recordings. And it’s just altogether more fun.

Without this we have to rely on the bands’ professionalism and what passes for my natural charm to help create a nice, relaxed atmosphere conducive to making good music, and actually that’s not as easy as it might be. It’s very hard to make an experience as dry as this have the special feel I think you get from recording in our living room, which is a shame, although the sessions so far have been fun.

Interestingly enough, coming into a real studio somewhat changes the bands’ expectations too. We can get away with singers not really being able to hear themselves and all sorts of other half-arsed nonsense back home because it’s obviously just a living room, not a studio. In this place however, you don’t quite get that leeway. It’s not really set up for recording rock bands of course, but it’s hard to get away with being slapdash and unprofessional in such a nice, formal space.

It’s quite fun sneaking a drum kit into a place which probably doesn’t see one from one year into the next – I don’t think I’ve felt this transgressive for a while – but you do find yourself tip-toeing around a little.

As I said, we’re halfway through the process at the moment, having done the Furnsss and Eskimeaux recording. We’re now just waiting on the Small Wonder (who will be using the grand piano, which is rather exciting) and Beach Moon/Peach Moon sessions, which will be happening next week, and we’ll be good to go – a Christmas holiday full of mixing!

And I do miss Nic. Having to take the photos myself is fun, but there is a definite talent void when I am on camera duties!


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