Campaign For the Living Wage

Charles Latham – The Living Wage (Toad Session) from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

The Scottish Living Wage Project has a new and unlikely ally in the form of Toad pal Charles Latham. He recorded a Toad Session with us a little over three years ago, which is where the acoustic version of his song The Living Wage above is from, but now there is a full band version being released to raise money for the aforementioned campaign, and this I would be nice if you felt like chipping in.


I’ve lived on the minimum wage before. Not the living wage, and certainly not Iain Duncan Smith’s laughable interpretation of it, but the actual national minimum wage. It wasn’t for long, and I had family around to help out here and there, but Jesus Christ it was heavy going. The idea of having to do more than barely manage to support one person, never mind raise a family, on that little money is just ludicrous, which make the living wage such an important concept.

And in this era of increasingly virulent hatred of poor people simply for being poor, campaigns like this are probably the most effective way of actually making your political voice heard, because mainstream politics sure as fuck seems like a futile way to try. So to hear the full version of the song, buy a copy, and in doing so support a really important political campaign follow this link and make a donation, and please pass on the link to your pals after you’ve done so.

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