Infinity Girl

ig I went to fewer gigs than I anticipated while I was in New York late last year. Mrs. Toad doesn’t really like them, and we tended to spend our time exploring together, so it just didn’t happen all that much.

I turned forty years old while I was out there and was pretty pleased at the idea of spending my fortieth in New York City, not for any specific reason of course because we barely pay even the slightest attention to birthdays, but just because it felt like a nice landmark for such a memorable trip. Mrs. Toad happened to be away that particular week though, so what did I do? I went to Baltimore for the night instead, of course.

Brendon from Viking Moses lives down there and he’s become a pal over the last couple of years, and by sheer coincidence he just happened to be hosting a gig that night, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pop down and visit.

Ironically enough, however, for me the standout band on the bill that night were a Brooklyn band called Infinity Girl. They remind me a little of Plastic Animals in a sense, although they’re a little heavier, whereas Plastic Animals are a bit more metronomic. They’re indie rock though, shoegazey and rocky in some ways, but perhaps more melodic than you might expect given that description.

It was great to watch live. It would be racket racket racket racket, and then suddenly this nasty riff would appear in the middle of it – one of the best balances between volume and melody I’ve seen in a while. They’ve been around for a few years now too, and there are actually a couple of albums to have a listen to on their Bandcamp page. Have a go.