New Tunes From Chump & Elara Caluna

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 15.08.36 Both Chump and Elara Caluna fit into that sort of vague category of ‘bands I know almost nothing about, but am still quite excited by’.

Apart from exchanging a few very friendly emails with Tara from Chump I couldn’t tell you any more than your own ears about the band itself. They only had one song out and about on the internet until recently, the awesome Sleeping In, which we put on our fantastic 12″ vinyl compilation of the best new Scottish bands David Cameron’s Eton Mess.

That was sort of a low dreamer but this new tune Treat Me Mean, which emerged a few days ago, is much bigger, more grandiose beast. It’s from a forthcoming tape release apparently, although there don’t seem to be many details just yet, but it’s louder, nastier and has a certain theatricality to by the time the crescendo really peaks.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 15.08.49 Elara Caluna, on the other hand, weren’t on David Cameron’s Eton Mess. I tried to keep that compilation more guitary I suppose, so they didn’t quite fit, and hardly had any official recorded material at the time anyway.

On the basis of what they did have – a cover version and some slightly ropey live footage – I invited them to play a show for us last year. It wasn’t much to go on, but they came recommended by a pal and the stuff which was out there did sound promising. Annoyingly, though, I was out of the country and unable to attend. Brilliant.

Anyhow, they went down really well with my pals who were at Henry’s that night, and someone has told me since that they’re generating something of a buzz over in Glasgow, but Edinburgh is so utterly fucking insulated from all forms of popular culture that I can’t really confirm that myself.

Instead, we have a new song, Silver Dust, one which came out at the tail end of last year while I was away. There’s less crackle and hum on this than I was expecting, and instead of that warm haze there is a sort of creepy fairytale pop feel to the song. Not pop in the Erasure or the Chvrches sense, more a sort of dark cabaret with maybe more in common with the constituents of Glasgow’s awesome Night School Records.

So with two new tracks there’s not an awful lot more to go on than there was before, but these are two really good tunes and it’s nice to see these two highly promising projects cranking into gear for 2016. If I did ‘ones to watch’ these two would be two of the ones I would tip, I think.

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