Fuzzkill Records – Under the Covers Vol.2

fuzzFirst things first, this whole album is utterly ridiculous, and absolute shit-ton of fun, and therefore fucking great. It’s also being released to support Greater Maryhill Foodbank and Refugee Action, so your cash is going to a good place.

The album was released around Valentine’s Day I think, or at least the image seems very much to imply that, what with the roses and the actual contents of the album and all. For this is a massive who’s who of the Glasgow underground music scene taking classic love songs and basically sticking a thumb up their collective arses and cackling at the squawk of distress.

Classics are rendered angry, sloppy, growly and at times you can hear that the band have barely even learned the song. It’s a great big silly mess of a tape, and yet it’s really good. Why? Well I reckon for two reasons. Firstly the songs themselves are classics, and secondly it’s all done in such good humour. Who cares how daft this gets, some of the takes are absolutely excellent, some are just hilarious, and y’know, music should be fun shouldn’t it?

So vote for fun, contribute to a good cause and enjoy some of the most highly improbable cover songs you’re ever likely to hear.