Chump – Treat Me Mean

chump Chump are another one of the David Cameron’s Eton Mess alumni, that awesome compilation of under the radar Scottish guitar bands we released towards the end of last year.

Chump were a bit of a left-field inclusion on that record, in the sense that I didn’t really know anything about them, apart from the one gorgeous song on their Bandcamp page (which was the song that appeared on the record). They were a recommendation from a friend, Tara was really nice about being on the album, and I’ve been waiting for new material ever since – curious to find out more about the band, beyond speculative extrapolation from one single song.

And now, here we have it, and it definitely is different. Tracks like Out Of It are still pretty reminiscent of the downbeat, morose slacker vibe of Sleeping In, but there are some loud, nasty guitars here and the whole thing gets pretty bloody big in places. There are even traces of Sharon Van Etten here and there if you ask me, not that I would really compare the two artists overall sound.

There’s even a sort of glam theatricality at times, albeit only here and there, which gives the whole thing a great dynamic. It’s available on pink cassette on their Bandcamp page, so go have a listen and grab one there. I really do need to see this band live now.