The UK is a Nation of Idiots

idiots I haven’t said anything much about the EU referendum in the UK because I am really struggling to articulate my sense of baffled disbelief. I have never seen a political debate so immune to basic facts, so reliant on arguments which are patently idiotic, and so fuelled by resentment, bigotry, hatred and anger.

One of the things which absolutely beggars belief the most (and there is a lot of competition) in the whole EU debacle is that absolutely every single problem which is riling up the leavers is obviously going to be made significantly worse by that decision. Strain on the NHS? Crowded classrooms? Housing? Pensions? Low wages?

I mean, you have to literally be an idiot to think that the NHS will be improved or under less strain if we get out of the EU. It’s not something to soft-pedal. That opinion is simply dumb. Protection for pensions, investment in and access to education, employment… I know the EU isn’t very good on some of these things, particularly some of the trade agreements, TTIP, and so on, but it is patently idiotic to think that the UK wouldn’t be manifestly worse on these issues if it wasn’t for its participation in the EU.

Would you put protection of a living wage in the hands of Westminster or Brussels? EU countries almost all invest more in their national health services than we do – are you seriously suggesting that making decisions about shared healthcare or minimum wage or worker safety or access to education alongside Denmark and Germany instead of on our own will make them worse?

And the people who are going to be the most hurt and the most undermined by it all are the ones most keen to get out. It blows my fucking mind.

Something like 45% of our exports go the EU. Are we suggesting, with a straight face, that we can negotiate a better deal with that massive trading block from the outside, having snubbed them, than we can from the inside? Or that we can make better deals with the rest of the world as part of a significantly smaller economy? That simply gives us less to bargain with, that’s how this shit works – we would be deliberately giving ourselves a far, far weaker hand than before.

And if we do leave, and then all the problems which the leavers are reacting to become worse, where does all the boiling hatred and anger the leave campaign have stirred up end up going? Are we going to turn it inwards? Against whom? Foreigners? People who look a bit brown? The disabled? The LGBTQ community? The unemployed? Presumably so, as that’s who our leaders have been sniggeringly scapegoating as they have merrily caused all these problems in the first place, so we can clearly see who they will want to direct our anger towards when their free hand and surge of confidence is used to suddenly fuck us even harder than they were already doing before.

Not only is this hands down the stupidest political debate I have ever witnessed – I mean seriously, Geldof vs. Farage on the Thames? It’s like a bad fucking dream – but the fallout from riding, and in fact enthusiastically stoking, this wave of unbridled rage and hatred is going to have an awful effect on this country for years to come. We are already showing ourselves to be a nation of idiots, but we are turning, with what seems like terrifyingly little apprehension, into a nation of complete fucking arseholes.

I have genuinely been looking around myself during this whole embarrassing debacle wondering who the fuck I am actually sharing this shitty island with. I really feel like I must never have had any real idea what Britain actually is, or of who ‘we’ are as a people. It was shocking enough when we actually voted in favour of a party which had just demonstrated that it’s best tactic for reducing the welfare bill was to cut disability benefits and try and force the disabled and long term sick back into work. We actually, really, truly voted for that.

If we’re not careful, the UK is going to end up some shitty fucking offshore tax haven with an increasingly impoverished population working in Sports Direct slavery conditions, sitting in the rain clinging to our flat pints of Carling, sneering at ‘Socialist Europe’ being overrun by Muslims and congratulating ourselves on being better than everyone else, while the whole rest of the continent looks on in confused disbelief and barely suppressed amusement and continues sipping their espressos in the sun.

Fuck this shit, I am getting my Canadian passport renewed sharpish.

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