About Song, by Toad

Hello. Song, by Toad is Scotland’s most perversely idiosyncratic record label. We put on gigs occasionally too, and record live sessions. Specialists in gin and swearing.

Please note that I am not really writing the blog any more, so if you’re in PR please leave me off your mailing lists, but if you’re in an unsigned band or working with or for a tiny DIY label then go for it, I’m always curious to hear new things.

Contact: Matthew Young
07799 331887

To buy our records try either Bandcamp, or a wee visit to Coda and Voxbox in Edinburgh, or LoveMusic and Monorail in Glasgow.

The phrase “Song, by Toad” is a quote from The Wind in the Willows.

The Happiness Hotel is our warehouse recording space down in Leith. It’s not a flash recording studio in the sense of having a live room and a vocal booth and so on, just a warehouse space with a really nice natural sound. We have some decent mics – AKG414, SE3300, SE2200 – and some weirder ones and for all we’re not the place to record the next Sufjan Stevens record we can make things sound pretty nice if we want to.

In general, though, we don’t rent the place out to people, we just let pals and their friends use it as and when. Feel free to get in touch if you think that applies to you.