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Meursault – Dearly Distracted

Meursault – Dearly Distracted from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

This is the video of Dearly Distracted from The Organ Grinder’s Monkey by Meursault, which you can buy here.  It is, you have to admit, rather different from the Something For the Weakened version. We have christened the genre gloom-pah, which is a progression from epic lo-fi (All Creatures Will Make Merry) and orchestral garage (Weakened) and a very long way from folktronica indeed. Or at least I’d like to fucking think so.

We’ve had three launch nights so far, all at small Edinburgh venues, but the last one will be a full band affair and your last chance to see the album performed in full, tomorrow night at Penicuik Town Hall. It’s BYOB, the 37 and 47 buses go all day and night from central Edinburgh, and you can get tickets here. After this is done I will be getting utterly shitfaced, and spending Sunday sleeping everything off, before dedicating the entire next week to doing all of March’s PR work in the space of five days, before I fly out on Friday.

We’ll be making a video diary of the tour while we’re out there so you can see what we’re spending your generously donated money on, and I promise you it won’t be coke, hookers and massive hipster tattoos. Promise. Well, mostly not, anyway.


The Ghost Outfit Album is Here

GHOST_OUTFIT_Album_Art_by_Will_Sharp Ghost Outfit are one of those bands who I ended up taking my eye off, as they seemed to quiet for a while. Maybe they didn’t and I just wasn’t paying attention, but it seemed that way.

Anyhow, whilst I was daydreaming and listening to other things they have sneakily completed and released their debut album – the first ever full length on Manchester hipster darlings and all-round nice blokes, Sways Records.

To promote the release the band have recorded three songs in the Manchester museum, filmed by the awesome Manchester Scenewipe.

The videos look smart as hell, particularly with that bloody great t-rex looming over the band, but what surprised me was some of the music.

Having only seen Ghost Outfit on a couple of occasions, I remember them being a lot heavier than, say, Words, the first track from this session. I think of their music as being denser and meaner somehow, but this seems a lot more jangly and melodic.

Switch is perhaps more like what I would have anticipated, sliding into a dissonant exhaustion by two thirds of the way through the song. That’s good news for the album, of course, as a record needs more than just one mood to sustain it, so I found myself wandering off to the Sways web-shop to order the 12″ and I very much look forward to having a listen.

I like the videos, too. In this age of YouTubery and amateur footage doing a good, visually interesting live video is within most people’s grasp, and rather than come up with a tired or half-executed video concept, this works really well.


Law – Hustle

There really ain’t much on the internet about Law Holt, but this really is very, very good.  She shares a manager, I believe, with Anticon’s Young Fathers, who are based here in Edinburgh too. Well, either that, or the fact that he is both their manager and also my friend meant he simply passed something my way he thought I would like – I forgot to ask – but Young Fathers are definitely involved somehow.

Whilst we get on well, and agree about most things when it comes to aimless music industry chatter, Tim and I don’t actually share that much musical taste in common. Bagel Project was one we agreed upon recently, however, with that odd combination of muffled RnB vocals, stumbling samples and fuzzy lo-fi, and I think there is a link between the two – it’s probably how he guessed I might like this stuff anyway.

The assembly of the actual music is woozy and grumbly, with shades of dreampop and lo-fi. The vocals have a slightly glutinous quality, with the enticing impression of someone who could cut loose and warble the shit out of a song if she so chose, but who instead keeps it subtle and restrained. As this is music slightly out of my general area of familiarity I have no idea what I will make of future stuff, beyond the one song there seems to be available on the internet at the moment, but I will most certainly be going along on the 2nd May to the Love Music Hate Racism event at the Voodoo Rooms to find out more.


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Song, by Toad at SXSW 2013 – Day 3

A quick video diary of our time at the the SXSW festival 2013, featuring Cheetahs, Paws, Thee Oh Sees, Sky Ferreira, Youth Lagoon & Mac Demarco.


Song, by Toad at SXSW 2013 – Day 2

A quick video diary of our time at the the SXSW festival 2013, featuring Sinkane, Delorean, Wampire and Suuns.


Song, by Toad at SXSW 2013 – Day 1

A quick video diary of our time at the the SXSW festival 2013, featuring Holy Esque, Paws, Foxygen, Jim James, and Vic Galloway and Ally McCrae from the BBC.

The rest of the videos will be added to this playlist as they are completed.


Song, by Toad at SXSW Interactive 2013

A quick video diary of our time at the Interactive part of the SXSW festival 2013, before all the mental music shit kicked off.


Zed Penguin – Wandering

As you may know, we have a new Song, by Toad Split 12″ coming out soon (see the pic at the bottom of the page for just how eye-caressingly pretty the vinyl is). I had a whole super-organised promo strategy, designed to end with Matthew Winter in a pair of leather trousers bellowing out his tunes from the roof of Buckingham Palace as fireworks exploded around him, but when DIY got in touch to ask for a premiere of this tune earlier this week I thought fuck it, and decided to deviate from plan. Because, as Doc Brown says, what the hell.

So here is the first song from the 12″, a meandering drawl of a tune by Zed Penguin, all recorded in our living room (which for press purposes I am referring to as Toad Hall Studios) and subsequently mixed by myself and Rory Sutherland. Enjoy! And keep an eye out for the launch night on Record Store Day 2013.

2013-02-15 13.21.20


Frightened Rabbit – Today’s Cross

The above video is for b-side Today’s Cross by Frightened Rabbit. I mention this for two reasons:

Firstly, I really like the song.  This is good news, as I wasn’t that keen on their last album, and they are really nice guys so I genuinely want to like their stuff.  Now I am looking forward to hearing their new record Pedestrian Verse, which is good.

Secondly, the video above was made by young Ian who works for Song, by Toad Records, along with some of his chums.  It’s a clever wee video in its own right, but its sheer slick professionalism rather raises the question of why everything at Song, by Toad Records is so fucking shambolic.  I assume this is a subtle hint that we could and should be doing better!

So well done old chap, a fine piece of work. If only everything around here were so well-executed!


No Hope For Men Below

Above is a trailer for a documentary by Adam Stafford, a gentleman you may know as the latest signing to Song, by Toad Records.  The documentary is about the Redding Pit mining disaster, which happened in 1923, near Falkirk.  The actual making of the film has been funded, and Adam is now looking to raise £1200 via Kickstarter for distribution, festival submissions and so on and so forth – assistance to actually get the film out there, basically.

It looks a tad on the harrowing side, but a hugely worthwhile project, so I thought I should bring it to your attention in case you felt like supporting the shit out of the arts today.

It also leads me to a rather odd tangent, which is the only example I can think of of the Bee Gees being good.  This song is called New York Mining Disaster 1941 and not only is it the only recorded example of the Bee Gees themselves not being shit, there is even a really good cover of it by… guess who? Yep, the fucking Levellers.

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