8th June BAD FUN: The Leg, Monoganon & The Sean Armstrong Experience

ToadGig2013 6v2 digiflyer

In June we have three BAD FUN gigs, starting with the eccentric, snarling pop stylings of The Leg. The sawing cello is often replaced by slap-happy piano, but their new album – out this Autumn – is possibly their best yet. Again, it’s impossibly brief. In fact it’s almost an EP really, but like their last record, no matter how short it is it still feels very much like a whole album. Anyhow, with a release date set for the Autumn I am excited for people to start hearing this material, so come along – you know you want to.

They will be joined on the bill by Monoganon, whose excellent second album is due out on Fence Records fairly soon. It’s a tricky one this – I was sent the album back towards the end of last year and I am just sitting on it keeping quiet, waiting for the best moment to wave my arms around and go ‘it’s really very good everyone, check this out’! Anyhow, since the record found a home on Fence that release date creeps ever closer to tangible reality, so hopefully I will be pestering you some more about this album in the relatively near future.

Finally, the bill will also include the first Edinburgh appearance of the Sean Armstrong Experience, the solo material of the frontman for The Yawns. It’s lethargic and sloppy, with a strong scent of Sebadoh, but there is something about this that I really, really like. If you like the song below you can hear his whole new album on the band’s Soundcloud page.

There is a slight possibility of a lineup change here, as a certain cellist may become a father around this time, and may possibly have to abandon us in favour of not alienating his wife and newborn for the rest of eternity, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, and I’ll keep you posted.