Animal Magic Tricks: The Inaugural Toad House Gig

Animal Magic Tricks

This gig is very much in association with Euan and Trampoline’s amazing lineup of August shows – he basically sent me an email saying that Frances (Animal Magic Tricks) would be the first house gig and what the date would be. All I have to do is the following: invite all yous cunts!

Animal Magic Tricks – Live at Toad Hall, Sunday 9th August 2009

When Frances visited Edinburgh earlier this year she spent some time recording at Toad Hall, assisted by Neil from Meursault and Pete from The Leg. The results are three of the loveliest songs I’ve heard in ages – really, truly gorgeous. So instead of a traditional ‘support/headline’ setup I think the best thing to do would be the following: we’ll get all three of them together again and instead of a support act, they can simply take turns playing some songs, with the focus, particularly towards the end, being on Frances’ material. I promise you, if it sounds anything like the material they were creating together in March, it will be stunning.

So the rules are this: we are looking for thirty to fifty people to buy tickets up front (because it’s such a small gig, if people say they’ll come and then don’t bother Frances could end up badly out of pocket, so it is NON-REFUNDABLE). That way we will hopefully raise about ¬£150, all of which goes straight to the artist, which is good money for a tiny gig on the DIY circuit, and paying artists good money for their work is something I really think we should all take more seriously. Downloading and so on is not something I oppose per se, but musicians have to make money somewhere; it can’t all be free.

So, to come along, use the Paypal link below and feel free to pass this on to your friends and share the joy:

And as a bonus, here’s one of the songs they recorded back in March.

Animal Magic Tricks – King