Armellodie Records Come to Edinburgh


Other people’s record labels are a tricky thing. No-one’s taste overlaps perfectly, so even people who I would consider like pals as well as ‘fellow travellers’, as it were, release records I like more and records I like less.

Fence Records 2012, for example, wasn’t so much my thing, despite sharing huge amounts of taste in common with Johnny who runs the label. In 2013, on the other hand, it’s likely that three of my top albums of the year will end up being Fence releases, and that’s just how it goes.

So while Armellodie Records do release some stuff I’m really not that into, there is absolutely loads of stuff on their label which I think it fantastic, and Al himself is one of my favourite people in Scottish music. Thirty Pounds of Bone, The Scottish Enlightenment, The Douglas Firs, Chris Devotion and the Expectations and Trapped Mice are are all really good bands, and whilst they can’t all make the two label showcase events taking place in Edinburgh in August, a good few of them can.

Taking place at Henry’s Cellar Bar, the two shows take place on Wednesday 7th of August, and on the one Thursday in August when there is no Pale Imitation show: the 15th.

Wednesday brings us Super Adventure Club, Galoshins, Cuddle Shark and Thirty Pounds of Bone, and then on the 15th it’s the turn of Gastric Band, Saint Max and the Fanatics, Chris Devotion and the Expectations and Le Reno Amps. You can preview pretty much all of this stuff on the Armellodie Bandcamp page, along with most of their other releases, and I highly recommend you go and have a wee poke around.

These guys can’t play either show, but I just thought I’d remind you what an awesome band they are. Still my favourite release on the whole label, I think.