BeckyBecky, FROTH and Chrissy Barnacle

Our next round of BAD FUN shows kicks off next week, with the fantastic Becky Becky coming up from Brighton. I wrote about their debut album a while back – Good Morning Midnight. I know both Pete and Gemma from their respective previous projects (Woodpecker Wooliams and Art Pedro, since you ask) and I really like this stuff. It’s really dark electro synth pop, and this isn’t normally my kind of territory admittedly, but I really like this album.

The show is at Henry’s Cellar Bar on Thursday, with advance tickets available here as per usual. Henry’s is getting nicer by the day under new ownership at the moment, and they’ve even got Williams and Joker on tap now too, so I hope to see you there. I am most excited!

Also on the bill will be a couple of Glasgow newcomers – FROTH and Chrissy Barnacle. FROTH have been described as the best band in Glasgow at the moment by people I generally trust to be right about music, and I really enjoyed them the only time I’ve seen them play, which was at the Passion Pusher cassette launch late last year. The recordings on their Bandcamp page are pretty clean actually, but live they are loose and splenetic and ace, and I am delighted to bring your their first Edinburgh show.

I am not entirely sure if this is Chrissy Barnacle‘s first Edinburgh show too, but I sort of guess it might be. Her stuff is rather more delicate and gentle, with a lovely sense of uncertainty about it. I happened across her name on a bill with a couple of other people I like and she has a lovely four-song EP with strings on her Bandcamp page, and I am really interested to hear what she sounds like live.