Bits and Bobs of Scrappy News

newsprint Just a meandering, pointless, chatty post, this one, bringing up some bits of news and so on and so forth.

Did everyone know that eagleowl have a new 7″ single coming out in December?  They’re having a launch party at the Bowery on Friday 11th December which we in Edinburgh should make sure we give the most fantastic send-off you can imagine.  Bring the Bowerettes flowers and postcards and letters and drawings and photos and anything you can think of to show them how much the place meant to you.  We should bloody well do that constantly for the next two months actually – fill the walls with messages which show how much we appreciate the work they did for us all.  There you go, there’s a mission for you that should keep you out of (much) trouble for the next little while.

As for eagleowl, they played a couple of new songs at the Withered Hand album launch, and they were gorgeous, so I am really looking forward to getting my grubby little mitts on this particular vinyl treat.

eagleowl – Sleeptide

We have a few Toad gigs coming up over the next couple of months as well.  Maxwell Panther‘s album launch will take place in the form of a house gig as soon as I can persuade him to get on a train and come on up to Edinburgh.  I am hoping to persuade Dan from Withered Hand to play too, but the swine hasn’t answered his phone for a while, and his phone seems to have voicemail turned off.  Bloody caller ID, if only mobile phones were more anonymous I could ambush him unexpectedly.

Maxwell Panther – Lost Soul on a Roll (That’s Me)

Then there’s the Toad Christmas Party at the Bowery on the 12th December, with Meursault, Jesus H. Foxx and the usual open-mic nonsense beforehand.  Rory from Broken Records has promised some violin-and-loop-pedal madness during that bit, which I am well looking forward to.

And finally, a gentleman called Jon Rooney who records as Virgin of the Birds is going to be in Edinburgh over New Year and we will be arranging a house gig for him around the 31st or the 1st.  Personally, I think it’s likely to be on New Year’s Eve, but planned to be over early enough for people to get off to other places for the actual New Year itself if they want to.  I’ve invited Rob St. John to play as well, as he’ll be around, but he’s still sorting out his plans for that time of year, so it’s not sorted just yet.

Do you think a house gig/New Year’s party is a good idea?  Or would everyone rather go up the town and get smashed?  I like the idea personally, but I’m flexible if everyone reckons it would be terrible.

Virgin of the Birds – Baby Let Me Trace You