Friday Might Go to a Gig This Weekend

I think I might go to a gig this weekend because, for some rather odd reason, it feels like ages.  I had that flurry in August of Eagulls, Mark Lanegan and Grandaddy and there’s been bugger all since then.

It’s a good thing, then, that there appear to be plenty of options in the next few days.  I am not going to do that tedious thing where I link to everybastard’s Soundcloud page and all the venues and shit like that today though.  If you care enough, I am sure you can track these things down.  There is a whole internet out there, after all.

Friday 21st Sept.:
– James Yorkston at the Queen’s Hall.

Saturday 22nd Sept.:
– Hiva Oa (video above) album launch at the InSpace Gallery, with Adam Stafford. Criminally, I still haven’t heard enough of the Hiva Oa album to write a proper review, but their preceding EP was awesome, and the few listens I have managed so far have been really promising.
Zed Penguin, Now Wakes the Sea and others at the City Cafe. Two of the most underrated (as in barely rated by anyone at all except me, it seems) bands in Scotland at the moment.

Sunday 23rd Sept.:
Wet Nuns and Lords of Bastard at the Electric Circus.  Two of the best band names in the history of bands.  Plus, it will be loud as fuck.

So yes, there’s all those things, leaving me with something of a dilemma on Saturday evening, as I want to see all those bands and I think I may have to choose one or the other, sadly.  Also, tonight we record the next part of the second Song, by Toad Split 12″.  LeThug are coming round, and then next Friday we do the Magic Eye songs, with Zed Penguin the week after that. I love it when a plan comes toge… okay, no, I won’t do that.

Anyhow, before the recording fun happens, I have a few hours to waste and I intend to spend them buggering about on the internet.  You should join me!

1. Who haven’t you seen live yet, but would really like to.
2. Which four bands should I put on the next Split 12″, if you were chosing?
3. And which four would go on one where realism is no obstacle?
4. Favourite thing about Autumn.
5. Least favourite thing about Autumn.