Gig on Saturday, Where I’ve Been, and Thank You to Ian

Hello everyone, I am back behind the desk at Toad HQ once more and, frankly, feeling a little ambivalent about the fact.  What do you mean I have work to do, fetch me another fucking Margarita!

This weekend we have the next Ides of Toad night at Henry’s.  We may be short a big-name headliner, but it’s an absolutely excellent lineup, with (coincidentally) two Leeds bands. Post War Glamour Girls and Slowcoaches. and Toad favourites Dolfinz from Stonehaven.  And as an added bonus, Papi Falso is right afterwards.

All our current tickets can either be bought online here or at Avalanche Records on the Grassmarket.

Post War Glamour Girls – Suburban Barbarian
Dolfinz – Teenage Bloom
Slowcoaches – 54

Now, in terms of the last couple of weeks, I have of course been out at SXSW with Mrs. Toad as you probably know.  Last year I did daily video diaries, and this year I did take video footage, but nothing like as much of it because, frankly, I couldn’t be fucked.

In all honesty, it’s hard to do when you are more familiar with the whole thing yourself and aren’t spending the whole time wandering about with your mouth open going ‘ooh, look at this… and look at that!’ all the time.

So this time, instead of a daily video what you’ll get is a couple of relatively short ones – one for Interactive and one for Music – and I’ll get those up over the next day or so.

And finally, as you almost certainly noticed, Ian kept the site ticking over rather nicely in my absence, and apart from rather controversially showing the NME some respect, I think he did an amazing job, so I would like to extend a big, gin-fuelled Song, by Toad thank you to him for all his work in our absence, which meant I was able to enjoy SXSW without really fretting about the site at all.