Kitchen Disco – Massive Pale Imitation Thanks

cake We are ploughing through the shows at a frightening rate, but the Pale Imitation Festival still has four fantastic lineups coming your way before the end of August, with headline slots from Rick Redbeard (this Thursday), LAW (Saturday), eagleowl and PAWS (next week – full lineup details here).

The Pale Imitation Festival is mostly about the bands, I suppose, but there’s a bit more to it than that. Partly, we are trying to celebrate the quality of the music scene in Scotland when so many tourists are in town, and partly we just like music and aren’t going to stop doing things just because it’s August.

And to that end, the tireless and fantastic work of Tallah and Malcolm from Kitchen Disco has been absolutely brilliant. As well as DJing before, inbetween and after the bands every single night of the festival, they’ve brought fantastic free cakes and terrible puns along each time as well. ‘Jonnie Common Shogun Choux Buns – what’s inside? IT’S A SECRET!’ for example.

Alright, you have to know Jonnie’s stuff pretty well to get that one, but the gin and lemon cake they made at my request for the same night is a little more obvious. And the cakes themselves have been completely delicious.

As much of a music nazi as I am, I am at least aware that my own music taste is really not best for DJing. Not that it’s all morose of course, but a lot of it is and I have no real capacity to judge what other people want to hear because, well honestly, I just don’t fucking care.

Kitchen Disco, on the other hand, seem to have played all sorts of stuff which I love – the stuff most appropriate for people actually enjoying themselves – as well as all sorts of excellent stuff which I don’t really know. The music has been fucking excellent, frankly, and for that, their good cheer, the cakes and their sheer stamina I owe them a massive thank you. Hooray!

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Also, they start every single night with this. Heroes!