Limbo Live Vol. 1


If anyone in Edinburgh is at a loose end tonight, this is where you should be.  At half eight in the Voodoo Rooms Limbo will be launching the first volume of a series of Limbo Live albums.  Basically, they’ve taken the recordings from their weekly live shows and compiled a Best Of as something of a showcase, both of their work, and of all the new Scottish bands they’ve given a chance to over the course of the last year or so.

Honestly, I have no idea how they do it.  Three bands a week, every week, for over a year: that should be impossible.  The work they put in is impressive, and the encouragement that gives the local scene can’t be underestimated.  I’ve seen a number of superb bands for the first time by going along to Limbo.  The beer is cheap, the lineups are varied, the sound is phenomenal and all in all it’s invariably a good night out.

Things like this really are the engine room of a music scene.  They sit there and chug over reliably week after week, providing a platform not only for bands themselves, but also for other venues.  The Bowery, Cabaret Voltaire and Sneaky Pete’s are doing amazing work in improving the live scene in this town, but something like Limbo, which means that even during lean spells there is something good on, makes sure that everything keeps moving, that the audiences remain engaged and excited, until bands get back on the road again and the scene around the city picks up once more.

Tonight’s gig is going to be a massive great mish mash of as many groups represented on Limbo Live Vol. 1 as they can manage to pull together.  Everyone sets up at once and there’ll be a short, sharp collection of performances, rather than the standard, support-support-headline setup.  This is another thing I like about Limbo, actually.  Was anyone at their collaborative night with Canongait Books?  It was superb.  Poetry, readings and music all together in one night, and not really like much I’ve been to before – they really do try and innovate with their nights.

So please pop along and support them tonight, or go and buy the CD.  Dave and Andy are a pair of total fuckwits, but they are lovely blokes, and really important to the music scene in Edinburgh, so it would be good for them to get some love in return.

Zoey Van Goey – City is Exploding

Isosceles – Get Your Hands Off

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