Live in Edinbleeeurgh This Week – 27th December 2010

I feel like an unwashed pair of old socks.  Not so much for the boozing, which was surprisingly restrained actually.  I suppose, to be fair, there’s only so much bevvy you can pour down a gullet already creaking with frightening levels of food.  And so it proved – I have generally been so full this weekend that I haven’t ended up getting all that pissed.

Anyway, listings first, let’s be properly efficient about this.  I have my own shit to pimp, after all, and let’s not forget that cynical self-promotion is the prime focus of this site.  There are only a couple of things on this week… well, sorry, scratch that.  If you are looking for entertainment in Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve of all nights, and you need me to point you towards it, then your Fun-O-Meter is in serious need of calibration.  Or replacement.  Or both.

However, if you are looking for proper, actual fun, of a musical bent then your options are a lot thinner.  There might possibly be some decent bands playing the official Princes St. Gardens Hogmanay thingy (I haven’t checked), but between the crowds and the weather there is absolutely no fucking way in the universe you should be contemplating that.  Honestly.  This is not Approved Fun, people, it is Bad Fun, and should be avoided.  There are a couple of interesting things happening this week though:

Wednesday 29th December 2010: Scars, TV21, Ballboy & Kid Canaveral at the Picturehouse.

On the topic of Approved Fun, anything Kid Canaveral do is very much Approved Fun as far as I am concerned.  I don’t do a best live band thing on Song, by Toad – there are really only so many lists I can be arsed making – but they would have been there or thereabouts had I done so.  Scars are a different proposition altogether: they were part of a thriving Edinburgh scene which seemed to simmer along around the time of the Shop Assistants, Josef K and Fire Engines.  This is their first gig in many, many years.

Ballboy – All the Records on the Radio are Shite

Friday 31st December 2010: Song, by Toad New Year’s House Gig, with Jonnie Common, Neil Pennycook and Jamie Scott.

The grumbling and whingeing about large parties in the centre of town is the primary reason Mrs. Toad and I decided bollocks, why not have a gig in the house. Last year was the first one, and we enjoyed ourselves so much we have decided to make it a tradition, this year being graced by three gentlemen who are as likely to leave you scratching your heads as bawling your eyes out.  But in a good way, promise!  We’ll be getting a keg of Copper Cascade from Stewart’s and, if the weather’s at least passable, might well wander into Inverleith Park to watch the fireworks.  If we can be arsed. There’s a ticket link below too, because it would really help out if you bought your tickets in advance, just so’s we know how full the place is likely to be.

Sold out now, sorry.

So, splendid – hope to see you there.  And to leave you this week I have this little gem, as the selected highlight from all our lazy weekend of watching appalling films and doing, well, basically bugger all else.  Quite how people in the eighties thought this was macho I have no idea.  But it is a whole new world of buttock-clenchingly, teeth-grindingly, face-contortingly cringeworthy awesome.