Live in Edinburgh This Week – 11th January 2009


Sorry for the silence over the last couple of days.  Yesterday we recorded the Samamidon Toad Session, which took a while and generally distracted me from the business of writing the blog, so I’m afraid this weekly update is a day late.  Which you are just going to have to fucking live with.

I’d almost say that there really wasn’t much on in Edinburgh this week, but what I would really mean is that there is not much high-profile stuff going on in Edinburgh this week.  There are, actually, some very good gigs to be found.

Saturday 17th January 2009: Endor, Cancel the Astronauts & Team Turnip play Trampoline at the the Wee Red Bar.

It’s a bloody good thing that the impending arrival of Baby Trampoline didn’t kill this night off altogether because I’ve always liked their lineups.  For the first show of the new year we have a couple of bands about whom I know far too little – Endor and Cancel the Astronauts – beyond being able to tell you that the latter are indie-popsters whose demo CD I rather enjoyed last year.  Team Turnip I know a little better, having heard Russell’s EP which will hopefully be self-released later this year.  He plays very friendly twee indie-pop and has some really good songs, so I am hoping the timing works out with the Rob St. John performance at Cabaret Voltaire such that I can catch both.
Team Turnip – Photos of the Staff

Saturday 17th January 2009: Rob St. John, Tragic O’Hara & Carrie MacDonald at Cabaret Voltaire.

I’ve picked this particular show because I am a big Rob St. John fan, but Cabaret Voltaire are putting on a whole series of Duty Free gigs (ie free entry) gigs over the course of the next week or so, so if you fancy checking out some emerging bands for free, this is a bloody good chance to do it.  Rob is all excited about this gig, too, because he will be playing with the full band and really going for it so if there’s one don’t-miss gig in the city this week it is definitely this one.
Rob St. John – Paper Ships

Sunday 18th January 2009: The Moth & the Mirror, Emily Scott & Enfant Bastard play Concrete Campfires, downstairs at the City Cafe.

This one’s a little new on me, but I rather fortuitously received an email this morning from Stace, who has just brought her Concrete Campfire night through from Glasgow, and set up shop downstairs in the City Cafe.  The bands will be performing stripped down sets, I believe, and entry is free with the first band on stage at nine.  It’s a nice idea, and I’ve always liked the City Cafe for some reason so I think I will go along to this and say hello.  I can’t quite imagine how the prettiness of Emily Scott will mesh with the off-kilter eccentricity of Enfant Bastard and the somewhat epic (judging by a quick MySpace listen) music  of The Moth & the Mirror, but then I’ve always preferred the slightly unusual bills to the predictable ‘one headline band and a couple of supports who sound sort of like them’ approach.
Enfant Bastard – How Much Do You Need?