Live in Edinburgh This Week – 12th July 2009


The Festival is a bit mental in its own right, but this year it is also rather annoyingly commandeering the Bowery for six weeks to pimp shitty bottles of Magners to punters and in doing so depriving us of one of the best places to go to see live music in the city.  Bastards.

Anyhow, before closing up until September, there Ruth and Jane are having one last big piss-up which happens to coincide with a Toad Night.  We’ve got an hour of open(ish)-mic beforehand, with some splendid people booked, and then we have Glasgow’s extraordinary Yusuf Azak and a somewhat pared-back set from Found.  I am expecting a splendid night, honestly.

Also, the dress code is floral, but don’t worry, because I will be bringing along some blooms and will pin a couple to anyone who can’t find anything flowery to wear themselves.  Any anyone who moans will be mocked for being a curmudgeonly old fuddy-duddy.  Make an effort people, and let’s send Ruth and Jane off on holiday in some style.

Tuesday 14th July 2009: There Will Be Fireworks & Cryoverbillionaires at Electric Circus.

This show starts at 10pm and is preceded by a Sneaky Pete’s night, including a live show from Sleepy Sun and a couple of others.  For me though I have to confess that the real highlight will be the chance to see There Will Be Fireworks for the first time.  They’ve been tipped by an awful lot of people, and I am still waiting for their album to make its way to my front doorstep, so I am looking forward to this one a great deal.

Saturday 18th July 2009: Found & Yusuf Azak at the Bowery.

Anyone wishing to read more about this can click here.
The original song, by Toad

Yusuf Azak – Light Procession

And for those of you not planning on attending the Toad party on Saturday (which fucking well better be NO-ONE!) there is this rather promising looking alternative at the Wee Red Bar, including Trapped in Kansas, a post-rocky band I’ve been hearing quite a bit about lately.