Live in Edinburgh This Week – 13th August 2012

 So, despite the usual August bollocks and the tragic lack of the Retreat! Festival from our lives this year, it seems there’s really rather a lot of fun stuff happening in Edinburgh for those (like myself) who would prefer to hide from the Edinburgh Festival rather than embrace it.

Places like the Queen’s Hall seem to have taken a slightly surprising, yet very welcome interest in local music recently, so they have what looks like the highlight of the week to me, with the #UNRAVEL show tomorrow.  I will be driving Meursault through to Glasgow for their gig at Stereo on the same night, so I will be forced to miss it yet again, but the whole project looks absolutely fascinating to me.  Get along, if you can!

There are a shitload of videos in the post too, so to avoid slowing the whole page down, I am putting the listings after the jump.

Tuesday 14th Aug: Toy, The Machine Room & Birdhead at the Electric Circus.

Terms like ‘London buzz band’ usually send me running for the hills as fast as my increasingly pudgy, approaching middle-aged legs can carry me, and that is just how Toy seem to be described a lot of the time.  But if you take the time to watch, or even just listen to, the video below I am sure you will agree that despite this they actually sound pretty good. I might just swing by this one on my way home from football.  I’ll need a sit down anyway.

Wednesday 15th Aug: #UNRAVEL at the Queen’s Hall with FOUND and Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat.

A gig you can influence with your phone?  Those maniacs from FOUND?  Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat?  Never mind gig of the week, this is probably the best gig to happen in Edinburgh all year, and I am absolutely gutted I can’t go.

Wednesday 15th Aug: Joe Pug, Gav Prentice (Over the Wall) & Al Shields at Sneaky Pete’s.

Spotting this gig on the Sneaky’s poster was a bit of a surprise, I have to confess.  I last wrote about Joe Pug a few years ago, but I really liked his stuff. It was acoustic, sparse as hell and really lovely, but it did take a little while to sink in properly.  Live, though, this kind of stuff can be absolutely mesmerising, so this is very much worth a punt, in my opinion.

Thursday 16th Aug: Fat Goth, Steel Trees & Vasquez at the Electric Circus.

This is going to rawk, if you know what I mean.  With a ‘w’, in italics and possibly capitalised as well. In fact, definitely capitalised, and maybe even all the way through.  This is going to RAWK!