Live in Edinburgh This Week – 13th June 2011

Right, welcome to the revamped, retooled and rewritten version of yesterday’s very brief exercise in commercial opportunism:

Yesterday: Milk Maid, PAWS & Plastic Animals at Henry’s Cellar Bar – Fiver in, and it was fucking awesome!

I have to confess, I was mildly terrified about putting on a gig in Edinburgh on a Monday night, particularly at pretty short notice, but it was really busy and I had an absolute blast.

It turns out Mrs. Toad loves PAWS.  I told her she would!

Anyhow, we now have the whole rest of the week to deal with, and as you have possibly deduced from the graphic I will be engaging in a bare minimum of fun – until Friday, that is.

Wednesday 15th June 2011: Wu Lyf at Cabaret Voltaire.

This has got to be the trendiest gig in Edinburgh for fucking ages.  Wu Lyf are one of these bands who were snapped up by a posh label before they were out of their proverbial musical nappies, or at least that’s kind of the impression I get (with, admittedly, precisely zero basis in actual research). On that basis alone this could make for an interesting night.

Friday 17th June 2011: Meursault, Inspector Tapehead & Beerjacket at The Caves.

Meursault’s already bulging tour bus will swell to nine occupants for this gig, I believe, making them even more unwieldy than a stampede of startled cows. A venue as striking as The Caves, however, is probably the best possible place for that kind of grandiosity and I am really looking forward to seeing them at full tilt.  Due to a series of increasingly annoying coincidences I haven’t seen Inspector Tapehead for a good while now, so I am really looking forward to that, as well as my first chance to see Beerjacket.  Tickets can still be bought in advance, either from here or from Avalanche Records.

Meursault – Flittin’

Friday 17th June 2011: Edinburgh School for the Deaf album launch at Sneaky Pete’s.

If only some arse hadn’t put Meursault, Tapeheads and Beerjacket on just round the corner I would most certainly be here on Friday.  As it is I will try and dodge along the street and catch as much of their set as I can while Inspector Tapehead and Meursault change over.  I don’t, admittedly, know ESftD’s music all that deeply but what I have seen, particularly live, has been intense, loud, epic, rough as tits and absolutely excellent.

Edinburgh School for the Deaf – 11 Kinds of Loneliness

Saturday 18th June 2011: ‘Armelloday’ – Armellodie Records all-dayer at Avalanche Records.

A series of in-stores arranged by Glasgow’s really rather brilliant Armellodie Records, with the running order as follows: Cuddly Shark, 2pm; Le Reno Amps, 2.30pm; Something Beginning With L, 3pm; The Scottish Enlightenment @ 3.30pm.

The Scottish Enlightenment – The Universe is Drifting Apart (Toad Session)

Saturday 18th June 2011: The Douglas Firs, Something Beginning With L & Plastic Animals at Sneaky Pete’s.

Plastic Animals were excellent last night, and the new Douglas Firs album really is splendid, so this one is shaping up to be an excellent late-night bevvying follow-up to the Armelloday event at Avalanche during the afternoon.

The Douglas Firs – Grow Old and Go Home

For anyone wishing to sneak back and forth between the Edinburgh School for the Deaf gig and the Toad one at the Caves, I am roughly expecting stage times to be along these lines: Beerjacket 8pm-8:30pm, Inspector Tapehead 8:45-9:15 and Meursault 9:30-10pm, and apparently Edinburgh School for the Deaf are onstage at about 9pm, although that is just something I heard down the pub so don’t hold me to it.

Also, bear in mind that Meursault and Inspector Tapehead don’t have the simplest of all setups, so fifteen minutes changeover time might be really quite optimistic.