Live in Edinburgh This Week – 13th May 2013

sleepy-kitten Hello there folks, and welcome back to the internet. I apologise for the lack of a Friday Fives post this week, but after the Sparrow and the Workshop album launch at the Caves on Thursday night I was pretty bloody hungover on Friday and never quite managed to look the internet in the eye all day. It was all shit TV and worse food before wandering into town to do it all again with eagleowl.

This week is relatively quiet on the gig front, but there are one or two interesting things happening of which you may wish to take notice.

Firstly, there is only your second ever chance to catch Numbers Are Futile. They only have a three-song EP up on their Bandcamp page, and that’s not much to go on, but they are three excellent songs and I will be very interested indeed to see what else these guys have in their locker – they’re at Henry’s on Thursday with Kicker in Tow, Opul and a secret other band about whom I can tell you precisely bollocks-all.

The Electric Circus have a couple of good gigs this week too, with eccentric guitar pop band The Birthday Suit on Friday and the stomping Americana of Woodenbox on Saturday.

Saturday is a busy one, actually, with mental beat-poet John Cooper Clarke at the Picturehouse and this one at the Wee Red Bar on Saturday with indiepoppers The Spook School, gentle guitar pop from the Occasional Flickers, and a new band I don’t know called Colin’s Godson.

Edit: and of course there is the Book Group EP launch at Pilrig St. Paul’s on Saturday as well. They make indie rock, I suppose you’d have to call it, and a couple of tunes are embedded below for your delectation.