Live in Edinburgh This Week – 15th August 2008 (Updated)

Palm House

Sorry for missing these two little nuggets out the first time, folks, but there’s some interesting stuff going on this weekend that I (and Bart – hahahahhahahaaaa… fuck you!) missed the first time round.  Both gigs are on Saturday, so it’s going to be a fucking busy one.

The first is a bit straighforward:
Saturday 21st June 2008: Popup are playing Medina.
They’ll also bring some pre-release copies of their debut album with them for sneaky purchasers, should you be so inclined.  I don’t know much about Popup really, but they have some cracking indie-pop tunes and the one time I saw them live they were superb, so definitely a good one this, although I’ve never been to Medina so I’ve no idea what it’s like a a venue.
Popup – Lucy, What Are You Trying to Say?

This one is downright bizarre:
Saturday 21st June 2008: Found & a Shanghai Jazz Band in the Temperate Palm House at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens.
Erm, well what the fuck can I possibly say about this?  I think I’ll be going out of sheer perverse curiosity.  The Botanics is just down the road from Toad Hall, and myself and Mrs. Toad wander about in there quite a lot when we find ourselves with a free afternoon.  Quite what the musical offerings are going to be is anyone’s guess, but Found are a superb band and I reckon I am going to give it a go.  A Shanghai Jazz Band?  The mind boggles.
Found – Mullokian