Live in Edinburgh This Week – 17th February 2008


Well it’s a pretty thin week in live music in Auld Reekie this week, which is excellent news for the health of both my liver and my marriage, probably in that order. To make matters worse (or better, depending on whether or not you’re my ears, my liver or my penis) Caribou cancelled their Cabaret Voltaire slot on Wednesday, which means I’m fishing about a bit to find anything to suggest this week.

Grammatics are playing Henry’s on Wednesday, but I’ve had a listen on their MySpace page and I’m not that keen. Support band Copy Haho seem decent though, so it might be worth popping along for a quick sniff.

Other than that, there’s Late of the Pier at Cabaret Voltaire on Thursday, which I won’t be attending because I am through in Glasgow to see Band of Horses. Besides, I’m not all that convinced by them, frankly.

There’s only one group I really want to tip you off about this week then, and that’s also on the Thursday I’m not going to be around. Definitely one worth checking out though:

Thursday 21st February: Bricolage at The Voodoo Rooms.
Apparently something of a Franz Ferdinand favourite, for all that really matters, these chaps purvey a very 80s indie-rock sound that all you people who caught indie the first time around should probably approve of. I’m a bit frustrated I won’t be able to catch them actually, because they sound dead good.
Bricolage – Lucinda Said

Saturday 23rd February: Fairport Convention at the Queen’s Hall.
The chance to see one of the original bands to drag folk into the 20th Century is one I feel slightly ambivalent about. Yes, it might be great, but what I really want to see is Liege & Lief era Fairport with the mighty Dave Swarbrick and the beguiling Sandy Denny, and we all know that ain’t gonna happen, so I won’t be shelling out for this. It’s an interesting one though.
Fairport Convention – Crazy Man Michael Like all the best folk music, this is fucking brutal. I could barely even explain the story to Mrs. Toad without welling up just a little.)
Fairport Convention – Meet on the Ledge

And because Caribou bastarding well cancelled (drummer broke his wrist, I think) I’m going to post a couple of their tracks too, just to tease myself.
Caribou – After Hours
Caribou – Melody Day