Live in Edinburgh This Week – 18th December 2012

duvet day2 Live in Edinburgh this week: most certainly not Mr. Toad.  Instead, I shall be very much semi-comatose in Edinburgh this week.  I have just about recovered from Saturday’s party to the extent that I can more or less see straight, but not so that I feel that anything vaguely resembling adult functionality can be safely attempted.

For the record, this one ended at half-two in the afternoon on Sunday with Bloody Marys in the bar of the Caledonian Hotel. And then continued in the King’s Wark the following evening, and the Caley once more for G&Ts, before finally grinding to a halt on Monday around lunchtime when our weekend guests left to return to London, and I slithered into bed, plonked the laptop on my belly, and watched stupid movies inbetween naps.

So yes, thank Christ that’s over with.  Until New Year, anyway.

There are some gigs to be seen this week, assuming the scheduling of various office Christmas parties allow your participation, that is.

I could mention Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles at the Caves on Saturday, but it’s sold out, so I won’t as that would be teasing.  If you have a yen for music and reminiscing on Saturday, however, you should go to the Christmas Songwriters’ Club at the Queen’s Hall. The full lineup can be found here, but essentially it is a combination of spoken word and music, hopefully quite Christmas-themed, and including such fine artists as eagleowl, Adam Stafford, Withered Hand and Scott fae Frightened Rabbit.

For something to do before Baubles or CSC, whichever you plan to attend, and to ensure you are already thoroughly steaming before you even arrive, perhaps try the Elvis Shakespeare Christmas Party.  They have a bunch of bands playing, and you can stock up on some last-minute Christmas presents, even if they are just for yourself.

Other than that I’m not sure there’s much going in terms of normal independent music, although of course most of the town will still be totally fucking cabbaged all week anyway. There are, however, a couple of good gigs going nevertheless – namely eccentric guitar-pop from The Birthday Suit at the Electric Circus on Wednesday, and a rather more folky evening at the Dalkeith Arts Centre on Thursday with The Last Battle and Carter Damm.