Live in Edinburgh This Week – 18th January 2009


Avalanche Records in Edinburgh sent me an email yesterday saying that they had nearly sold of their stock of Meursault albums, which was splendid news.  Apparently it was the biggest seller in the shop, apart from Animal Collective, which is rather nice.

Well there’s really nothing going on this week at all as far as I can tell.  Cabaret Voltaire is doing its week of Duty Free gigs, with the notable participants being Y’All is Fantasy Island tomorrow (Tuesday 20th), Jesus H. Foxx on Thursday and Dead Boy Robotics playing what is I assume a late set on Thursday night.

There’s also White Heath playing Cabaret Voltaire on Wednesday 21st,

with a band called Midas Fall, about whom I know pretty much nothing.  I enjoyed White Heath’s two unplugged songs at the Song, by Toad Christmas Party, so that one should be worth investigating.
White Heath – 7.38 am

And other than that I really can’t find anything.  Basically, the usual suspects are playing in the city, as one might expect, and very little from outside.  I assume Limbo will be on on Thursday, but neither their website nor the Voodoo Rooms have a lineup posted, or indeed any sign that the gig will be on in the first place.  Can anyone help me out here?  What the fuck’s going on this week?

Did you know that the fucking View are playing here in February and that they’ve bloody well sold out?  Fuck me, you might as well fill your ears with jam and stick your head in an anthill.