Live in Edinburgh This Week – 18th January 2010

A very good but nevertheless manageable week in Edinburgh this week, with a couple of extremely good gigs coming at the end of the week, but things being relatively calm until then.

I have just about finished editing the videos from the Song, by Toad New Year’s house gig.  I spent all Saturday mixing the audio (under supervision) and now have four Virgin of the Birds videos and four by Jamie and Rory from Broken Records.

All that remains is to check with the bands that they’re happy with what I post, because a couple of the Broken Records songs in particular are very new indeed and might not be for public consumption just yet.  Mind you, they’re acoustic versions, and so different from what the finished band version will probably end up being that it shouldn’t be too controversial, with a bit of luck.

Thursday 21st January 2010: X-Lion Tamer & The Fridge Magnets at Cabaret Voltaire.

X-Lion Tamer might be my favourite band on my friend Ed’s record label, 17 Seconds.  That’s odd really, because Tony’s stuff is probably the least like anything else I might listen to – it’s all a bit techno for my usual whingeing dadrock – but it nevertheless seems to have something about which I find compelling.

X-Lion Tamer – Tugboat

Thursday 21st January 2010: FOUND, eagleowl & Oates Field play Versus at the Voodoo Rooms.

This should be a superbly brilliant night.  FOUND are a bunch of weirdos, frankly, and some of the cleverst and most inventive people I think I may have ever met.  You’d never think it to listen to eagleowl’s carefully constructed stuff, but actually I think their own spirit of adventure is far healthier than is superficially apparent, so it should be a perfect match for this interactive, collaborative Versus format.  Add Alan (formerly of Little Pebble and Come in Tokyo) and Phil (currently of Debutant and Meursault) and you have a pretty fucking incredible lineup.  No chance I’m missing this.

FOUND – Mullokian

Friday 22nd January 2010: The Three Craws & Olo Worms at the Caves.

This is a Fence Night, obviously enough, with Bristolian mentalists Olo Worms joining the Fence elders at what is easily Edinburgh’s most atmospheric venue.  Olo Worms are an incredibly productive and creative bunch, actually, and although I have a patchy relationship with their music I have an awful lot of respect for the energy they put into things and the sheer inventiveness of their work.  Tickets for this can be purchased here.

The Fence Collective – Cod Liver Oil (Live on Radio Scotland)

And oh, go on, here’s a sneak preview from the Virgin of the Birds videos: